Wednesday, 20 November 2013


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Just to say Thank you.  You were recommended by the tourist office in Clanwilliam and having placed the order with you on Monday my map arrived here in England on Thursday. Great map - Great value. Thank you.
David Millar 

One should not visit the area without this map or one might well miss some of the wonderful features of this truly magnificent area.
Ronnie Hazell 

A mate and I took a cruise with 2 of the new Triumph Tigers up to Clanwilliam last month and used your Cederberg map, we were very happy with it, thanks for all the detail. Mooi loop.
Iain Buchholz 

WOW!!! Absolutely beautifully illustrated - definitely worth the buy!  Thank you for making our holiday a little more special.
Dayan du Plooy 

Congratulations Peter Slingsby, you have done it again. The map is fantastic and has the minute and relevant details one comes to expect from ‘the ant’... This is a must for those who visit the area - both for the on-road and off-road enthusiasts and, of course, for those who prefer shank’s pony. 
Eugene Moll, Veld & Flora

Thanks a lot for the fast delivery of this fantastic and very detailed map to northern Germany! Now we can really start to plan what we are going to do and where we want to hike while we are in the Cederberg in July this year.
Stephan Homberg  

The Cederberg [map] must surely be the best guide yet devised to anything and everything of interest in the area, from Op die Berg in the south to Gifberg in the north ...
Tony Hull, Country Life

The Cederberg is the sort of map we need to develop South Africa’s less frequented but far more scenic rural potential. 
Ride Mag

I just want to let you know that your new maps are amazing. Thanks for a job well done.
Sonja Ungerer, Citrusdal Tourism Bureau

Just a note to congratulate you on these excellent publications (Beyond the Cederberg; Cederberg map). The book is really fascinating. The map inspires one to explore even more. I wish the map would not end at the edge of the paper but carry on and on! 
Adrian Brewster, Lutzville

This week I purchased your latest Cederberg map. The new map is BRILLIANT and I like the fact that it covers the entire area right into the Ceres Karoo. 
Richard Poulter

Thank you very much for the copy of your new Cederberg map. The map is absolutely superb. 
Johan van der Westhuizen, Red Cederberg Reserve

Wow - a fantastic achievement getting so much info onto this map - chalk and cheese from the old one - Well done Peter and thanks for the speedy delivery. 5 stars. 
Tom de Roo

Thank you so much to get this great map on such an easy, quickly and free of charge way to Berlin, Germany! The map looks very good in detail. Now we (and our bicycles and trekking shoes) think (and hope), that we will be every time on the right way on our trip. 
Antje Nitschke

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