Wednesday, 20 November 2013


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Once in a while, a modest individual creates a modest piece of software that is quietly slipped out into the world with no fanfare or pretence, and then proceeds to dazzle the select core of users who discover the package ... Fonts of Afrika deserves to dazzle anyone who ever wished they could get more than WingDings out of Windows ...
Arthur Goldstuck, PC Review

I highly recommend Peter Slingsby’s Fonts of Afrika CD. The picture fonts of animals, people, plants and other images that he has designed are extremely creative, beautiful and varied. I have used them in a book that I designed, and I hope to have the opportunity to design other books that call for the wonderful images that he makes available through his fonts. 
Jill Ronsley SUN Editing & Book Design 

By the way, your fonts are fantastic. Thank you for allowing me to use them. They are so wonderful! 

Thank you for the incredible fonts you have made available. 
Maria Silva

Congratulations - I love your fonts! 

Dear FONTS OF AFRIKA, My name is Ogino Fumiaki of BNN Inc., a publishing company in Tokyo,Japan. We are very impressed by your amazing fonts, and hoping to introduce them in our book. 
Ogino Fumiaki, Japan 

I am a bookdesigner and would like to take some of your icons of your beautiful fonts for my new book project. 
Iris Grün, Germany

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  1. Wonderful, creative fonts! I love Fonts Of Afrika - the variety of images is outstanding, and I know that I'm going to get so much use out of them! Thank you for creating these fonts!


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