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I have the Overberg one … I smaak it stukkend.
Iain Buchholz 

I saw this map in Stanford’s, London and was amazed at the level of detail. It’s an order of magnitude ahead of any other South African map I’ve seen. And you can have it airmailed to the UK, post free, so that I paid only two-thirds of the price I’d have paid in London. It's a thing of beauty, a labour of love. Well done, Peter and your team. 
Stephen Cotton

Excitement, relief and gratitude greeted the arrival of “the map the Overberg has been waiting for.” It is a magnificent piece of work, an asset and tool for the tourism industry in the Overberg to relish and use. Every household in the region will no doubt also want one. 
Hermanus Times

Goeie kaartmakers – soos goeie wynmakers, losskakels en vleispasteitjies – is regtig skaars. Die kartograaf Peter Slingsby is een van Wegbreek se witbroodjies. Man, (die Overberg-kaart) is ’n leesboek in die kleine. Dit hou jou ure lank besig. 

If only we could clone Peter Slingsby and plant one of him in every province, we would know so much more about our country ... his latest release is so chock-a-block with information on the Overberg that you almost wish the map were bigger. A particularly classy touch is Slingsby’s smiley-face rating of byways on the main map, with a smile for enjoyable routes ... 
Jeanne van der Merwe, Go!
Go! says: All touring maps should be this good. 

SOUTH COAST HOLIDAY SPECIAL [Garden Route, Overberg] ... Even in the age of GPS, real maps are indispensable. I’m building a nice collection of Slingsby maps – this is my fourth or fifth set, and the price of this special can not be beat. 5 stars. 
Steven Bayhack

Detailed, clear and interesting, one can pore over this quality map for hours whilst planning the trip. Thanks to The Maps team for the speedy despatch of another excellent publication! 
Di Sanders 

I have the Overberg map published by you and find it most interesting and useful especially as I have only recently arrived in the Cape. 

Dear Peter, dear Team, first I want to thank you for all the wonderful maps, we used them excessive in 2 journeys through the Western Cape in November 2007 and in January 2008, we were driving around 10 000 km’s. I hope one day we will meet you.

Thank you for making up such interesting maps and I hope what you have put here will add to many others enjoyment of the Whale Coast. 
Peta Thomas, Total Impact Communications  

I am at present using your Overberg Map. A friend and I are hiking up the coast to Mozambique. Thanks for the details you have included in your maps and for their accuracy.
Alan Stuart  

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