Wednesday, 20 November 2013

TP STOKOE: the man, the myths, the flowers

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TP Stokoe - the man, the myths, the flowers - a wonderful book that captures the magic of his plants and the Cape Mountains that he loved. 
Liz McMahon and Michael Fraser in "The Smallest Kingdom" [Kew] 

... a credit to Slingsby and Johns’ intuitive feel for the metis of the historian’s craft ... the book is an inspired and brave contribution to recovering the hidden history of the making of the Cape Floral Kingdom ...
Lance van Sittert, Dept of Historical Studies, University of Cape Town

I was riveted and couldn't put it down. Congratulations on a beautifully produced, delightfully written, inspirational and richly informative book ... your writing style and your ability to make botany exciting have all combined to make this a book to treasure. 
Tim Attwell 

I thoroughly enjoyed the story of his life and all the pictures. Amida's painting of Mimetes stokoei is excellent! 
Dr P M Holmes, Biophysical Specialist, Biodiversity Management Branch, Environmental Resource Management Department, City of Cape Town 

Many thanks for the super book. I LOVE it.
Dr John Manning, Senior Specialist Scientist, Compton Herbarium 

Over dinner last night Tony Rebelo and his wife Pat Holmes were lauding it thick & fast ... it will enrich us both ... what an inspiration TP is to emulate. 
Marion Ellis 

... what a delight it was to see it and read through all the notes etc on his life. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Dr E.G.H. Oliver, Dept. of Botany & Zoology, University of Stellenbosch 

Thanks for doing a great job of the book, it was one of my dreams to see him given his rightful acknowledgement as a collector and, more important, an astute naturalist.
David C Le Maitre, Conservation Biologist - Hydrologist Natural Resources and the Environment, CSIR

It is totally wonderful reading ... It is superb in every way: the text, the design and the assembly.
Peter Linder, Institute for Systematic Botany, Zürich, Switzerland 

What a fabulous book. It makes me laugh, it teaches me a lot, and its layout is brilliant. I am thrilled and full of admiration. Congratulations!
Sandra Steytler, MCSA and author of Bain's Kloof Pass 

The book is brilliant! 
Su Birch, CEO, Wines of South Africa 

We have just read right through the book without putting it down and were enthralled. Thank you both for an extremely valuable and beautiful contribution to our botanical heritage. We are proud to be owners of this important botanical record.
Cameron and Rhoda McMaster, African Bulbs 

What a fantastic book. I have been lost in it since retrieving it from the Post Office - I feel quite uplifted by it. 
Caroline Voget, Editor, Veld and Flora 

If this book had been performance art, you would get a 5 minute standing ovation. I am knocked out. 
Stephen Smuts, Napier Fynbos Reserve

I am very impressed ... the floral photographs are outstanding. You brought him to life. 
Tom Stokoe (grandson of TP Stokoe's brother, Robert) 

What an excellent and interesting book! It is informative, entertaining and a delight to read. The layout and paintings are also exceptionally good. Thank you for all the time and care you have taken in producing this wonderful record of TP. 
Pat Oosthuizen (granddaughter of TP Stokoe's brother Alf) 

Congrats on a great book - it's beautifully done. 
Nick Helme 

Many thanks for the fabulous book delivered to me today. Elize joins me in congratulating you on the wonderful quality of the photos and in fact of everything!” 
Dot Aves 

We are most impressed and fighting over who reads it first, if I put it down Ed picks it up and vice versa. Well done to all of you.
Merran Silberbauer 

I would like to congratulate you and your team on an excellently produced book. The format used links so effectively with the life and times in which Stokoe lived. 
Sandy Jenkin

An interesting and entertaining presentation of an exceptional person. Mountains were obviously a second home to TP. Amazing how long it took before he "ran out of starch" when hiking.
Rob Jennings 

I have already read parts and find them well-written, interesting and informative. 
André Rabie 

I am very impressed! 
Wessel Joubert 

I rationed myself to so many pages a day in order to prolong the enjoyment. I haven't really loved reading a book like this in years, and I'll really treasure it in my collection. Thank you both for your wonderful research and the writing and presentation of this true little Gem. 
David Berry

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