Wednesday, 20 November 2013


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To look at Peter Slingsby's maps is to want to go there. The detail and accuracy of this updated, double-sided map is impressive. Good value – good, accurate stuff. 
Caroline Voget, Veld & Flora 

Thank you for sending the maps so quickly – even with a UK postal strike they arrived promptly – and no extra postage to pay for the UK – amazing! 
Nigel Hunt

Recommended! Garden Route – the map – 5 of 5 Stars! 
Giancarlo di Pietra

Well Peter, you have done it again – I can now retire my 1983 Ziggy the Ant version which has become dogeared and falling apart. This is a great map of an equally great area and a must to help you decide where many roads and paths in the area lead to and which to explore. 
Tom de Roo

This is an excellent map ... The Garden Route map will come in handy – we're going to Klein Brak for our December-break. Thanks for a brilliant product. 
Lampies Lamprecht

Thanks for all your hard work to give me maps to find my way around our beautiful country. 
Ben Wiid

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