Wednesday, 20 November 2013

FYNBOS COAST: the book on CD

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It was a land where outlaws and the persecuted once roamed ... today predators still hunt silently in the mountains, a band of wild horses runs freely in the marshlands and the fish eagle’s call can be heard – the haunting, high wild sound of Africa ... this is a place with a history as rich as a perlemoen potjie ... all this and 100-odd pages more is to be found in a little gem of a guide, ‘Fynbos Coast’. 
Murray Williams, Weekend Argus 

The best mini travel guide that I have ever seen ... if every country area had a guide as good as this one, travel in our beautiful country would be so much more enriching. 
Barry Ronge, SABC, who found our book on a visit to Betty’s Bay 

A new book, ‘Fynbos Coast’ ... takes a journey through our area, from west to east ... comprehensive ... an essential guide. 
Overstrand Herald

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