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I think of doing the ‘Hoerikwaggo Trail’ of which I also have the 4 maps; they are as splendid as all of your maps: a great job you’ve done! 
Joerg Hortner, Germany 

Slingsby maps are the best! The maps were a haven for us and thanks to them we had the best time of our lives hiking around without worries. The trails are as described and the maps are so accurate, they give one a sense of security. Not to mention the legends of what to expect to see in terms of wildlife, and the identification of the beautiful plants of South Africa. All of that in colours of course. Beautiful jobs! If you plan a trip to SA save yourself a lot of troubles and headaches by ordering and buying the Slingsby maps.

Brigitte Cohn, USA 

At long last a decent map of Table Mountain, and it’s not just a map, it’s a work of art!

Meridian Hiking Club Newsletter

The map, by well known cartographer Peter Slingsby, is endorsed by the Table Mountain National Park, and it is the most up-to-date and accurate map of the mountain that is currently available.

Paul Britton, Manager: Planning, TMNP

Peter Slingsby ... well known for his excellent hiking maps...

Evelyn Holtzhausen, Spokesperson, TMNP

the minute and relevant details one comes to expect from ‘the ant’....

Eugene Moll, Veld & Flora

I would like to thank you for, and congratulate you on, a beautifully crafted series of maps. They are nothing less than excellent, a delight to peruse and a pleasure to use.’

Dr John Roos, Metro High Angle Rescue

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