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I recently got my copy of your new Cederberg map and just want to congratulate you on a very brilliant production. The quality is excellent and the cartography is by far your best yet. I love the way you have packed loads of valuable information into the space available and yet the map feels quite minimalist at the same time - great design work.
Galeo Saintz

I just wanted to say thanks a mil for the great maps! We returned last week from a 10 day trip to the Cederberg where we spent 5 days out in the mountains, your maps were excellent!!! We managed to cover 80 km and your maps were 100% accurate. It was my first time in the Cederberg and having your maps made it really easy to navigate our way through the vast terrain. Thanks for the great work and I will definitely be a fan for life :).
Liam Poole

I am back from my travels and was delighted to find your latest labour of love in the mail box. Well done, it really is a hell of an achievement.

Fiona McIntosh

I ordered the Cederberg map a couple of months ago ... I just came back to my home in Switzerland and I want to congratulate you on the maps you have developed so well. I did not want to hike alone, particularly at night due to fear of leopards and puff adders so I hired a local guide to escort me. In fact, your maps were so helpful that at some point when we needed to find our bearings even the local guide asked me for your map! At that moment I was happy to know we came well prepared and with just a glance at your map we were able to quickly find our way again through the park. To be on the safe side I had even downloaded topo maps onto my GPS and not even those were as detailed as the ones you have developed.

Looking forward to visiting South Africa again.
Walter Trimble

I have just received the new Hike the Cederberg map set. What beautiful and detailed Maps.If you are a keen hiker or mountaineer, mountain biker, 4x4 enthusiast, or simply enjoy the Beauty of outdoors and nature ... this is certainly a MUST HAVE set of Maps. A big thank you and a job well done to Peter Slingsby and the team.

Pietro Villa

Congrats on the excellent new Cederberg map. I have no doubt it is the best map ever produced for that area. Excited to take it for a test drive and proud to have played a miniscule role in its development.

Sam Jack

The new Hike the Cederberg map set is a joy. It is filled with enough information and detail sure to keep any map and/or Cederberg lover captivated. However, the best part of the map is how it excited me to get out there and use it!

Wim Morris

Just been pouring over your masterpiece during the last few days and I must congratulate you on an absolutely splendid body of work. Well done!!

Tony Lourens

This is just to say that we think your new Cederberg map is smashing.   Thank you so much.   We look forward to some wonderful walking there next year.

Venetia Hill

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